24 Hours, 1,000 Words: 4 Great Ideas for Pic-Worthy Day Trips

For parents, photographers, and parents who are photographers, summer vacation can provide an opportunity for much-needed quality time with both kids and camera. That said, it can be hard to carve out a lengthy getaway from a busy schedule.

Don’t worry – you don’t need a long vacation to make amazing summer memories! Here’s a list of four day trip ideas that will satisfy your family and your hobby in just 24 hours’ time:

Take a Snapshot in Time

No matter where you are in the United States or Canada, there’s a wealth of rich, beautiful history awaiting you! and do a little research into some historic sites within driving distance, then pack up your kids and your DSLR for a day of exploration. Once you’ve captured your memorable snapshots of the past, don’t keep them to yourself! PhotoSquares are the perfect, vibrant canvas to bring history to life. Just upload your DSLR shots to Google Photos and download the PhotoSquared app, where you can directly access your gallery. Then select at least four images and place your order. In just a few days, you’ll be remembering your trip as if it happened yesterday!

Take it Outside

State and National Parks can create some of the most beautiful natural backdrops for a PhotoSquare. Natural beauty is everywhere, and it’s often cheap (or free) to enjoy! There’s plenty of space in a national park or monument for the kids to run and play, keeping them busy while you whip out your camera or phone and implement these handy tips for landscape photography:

  • Match the landscape. Your camera needs to adapt to nature, not the other way around! If you’re on a plain or in a desert, you’ll need to account for harsh sunlight by shooting in manual mode and double-checking each shot for flare. In a forest, be aware of your composition and decide the importance of the sky versus the tree line in your photographs.
  • Attempt the “golden hour.” If your family is game to get up early or stay out late, shoot during the morning and early evening for the best photography lighting. This is also an opportunity for the kids to see the landscape in a new light (literally), giving them a magical experience to truly remember.
  • Avoid cliché shots. If you’re photographing even a locally-famous natural landmark, it’s likely been subject to its fair share of “postcard shots.” Try taking a different angle than your first instinct tells you – you’ll have a more interesting photo to share!

Some of the weirdest attractions can make for some of the most memorable moments!

Go Big or Go Home

The open road is full of kitschy wonders perfect for exploring as a family and through the lens of a camera. From the “World’s Largest” random objects to strange, absurd tourist traps, you couldn’t make some of this stuff up if you tried! Check out Time Magazine’s list of the Top 50 American Roadside Attractions and see if any of them are close enough to visit. Keep an open mind on trips like these, and always have your camera ready – you never know where else your journey might take you!



The Kids are Alright

All our suggestions have been made with shutterbugs in mind, but there’s one photography subject we’ve failed to mention: your kids! Filling your day trip camera roll with images of your family – from the smiles to the frowns, and every mood in between – will make your vacation memories that much sweeter and more authentic. When you get home, be sure not to let those memories sit on your camera, in your phone or in a folder online! Print them out on 8×8” PhotoSquares and stick them up in your home or office with gentle-but-firm adhesives.

With PhotoSquares, your 24 hours of summer fun will last a lifetime!

Our shipping is fast and free, and ordering is easy – perfect for the busy parent! If the photographer in the family is your partner or a grandparent, buy them a Gift Code so they can print their own favorite shots!


For more tips on taking creating amazing family day trips and capturing them like a pro, check out our Day Trips Pinterest board.