4 Ways to Square Up Your Business Space

Whether it’s an office, a restaurant, or a storefront, business owners know that their space serves a variety of important purposes. It’s your customers’ first impression, it’s your employees’ everyday surroundings, and it’s the place where you showcase your product. With all that in mind, here’s our question – why settle for bland walls and tired décor when you could Square up your space?!

PhotoSquared is here with four of our favorite tips for using our Squares to make your business space POP:

Wall of Fame

When it comes to welcoming guests, it’s all about making an impression. PhotoSquared can help you create an inspiring display for your guests as they enter and make a lasting memory as they leave with a Visitor Wall of Fame! Just take four or more shots of your happy visitors, then select them from your camera roll, Instagram or Google Photos in our PhotoSquared app. When your Squares arrive, you can apply them to your wall for future guests to see! Plus, with FREE shipping, you can even send your customers their Squares and leave an impression that will truly last.

PhotoSquares on the wall

Employee Headshots

PhotoSquared can also help you show your stellar team in their best light! Our beautiful matte canvases and cutting-edge printing techniques are perfect for high-quality employee headshots – but it’s not just the image quality that makes us perfect. Our Squares are easy to unstick and move from the wall with zero damage, allowing you to organize your employees by department and rearrange as your business makes changes.

Seasonal Products

Many businesses have seasonal offerings, from bars and restaurants to hardware stores and clothing boutiques. If that’s the case, you can use PhotoSquares to switch out your seasonal décor with ease! This is especially effective if you’re featuring product shots that correspond with your most up-to-date offerings, so don’t be afraid to pick up your smartphone or camera and take a few photos just for the occasion!

PhotoSquares in coffee shop

Small Businesses

Small businesses tend to have many unique struggles, including decorating a smaller space in a tasteful, economical way. If this sounds like you, PhotoSquared has you covered! Our lightweight canvases are just 8×8”, and their square shape allows you to easily install them flush with one another to conserve space. You can arrange them in whatever shape suits your building, whether it’s a single vertical line of squares or a clustered collage!

With PhotoSquared, your business space will WOW your guests and employees alike!

Download our app today and start Squaring up your space. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your awesome boss, a PhotoSquared Gift Code is the perfect way to give them brand-new décor that they can choose!

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