6 Great Nature Photography Tips

Nature’s enchanting flora and fauna, captivating environs, and a magnificent multitude of creatures are awe-inspiring and ripe for photographic exploration. Our world offers a staggering array of textures, patterns, geologic formations, and bodies of water as subjects for any avid nature photographer. Beautiful and compelling photos can be created by any photography novice that’s equipped with a phone camera and some essential photo tips.

6 Nature Photo Tips 

Be Prepared
Weather can be unpredictable, so wear layers. Hiking shoes or boots are a good idea. Take safety precautions and check the rules for the location you are going to. Bring a friend or let someone know your plans. A tripod is ideal, but a rock or branch can help steady your camera. If stability is all up to you, keep your arms tight against your ribs, keep the camera close to you, and hold your breath when you take the shot.

Cell Phone Cameras Can Do the Trick
The technology of the iPhone and Androids can produce some fantastic pictures. Fully familiarize yourself with your phone’s capabilities.

The Rule of Thirds
The concept is that an off-centered composition is more appealing to the eye and has a more natural look. Imagine a grid of 2 parallel lines running vertically and horizontally appearing over your photo. This grid divides your picture into nine sections. See it? You then position the main focal point in your scene along these lines or where they intersect. Good news, most smartphones have this grid built-in.

A New Perspective
Be creative with your angles to give added interest to your shots. Get down on the ground or shoot from above. Experiment with the framing.

Patience Pays Off
You are in the animal’s habitat, so don’t be disruptive and give them plenty of distance. Patients can get you that shot, and the results are well worth a few more minutes. Doing a little research before your shoot will help you better understand your subject’s behavior.

Have Fun!
Take in the fresh air and the sounds of nature all around you. It can be a rejuvenating experience. Be open to an array of subjects such as flowers, trees, and water. If you don’t get that wildlife shot you hoped for, don’t be discouraged. You’ve had a wonderful day outdoors and got some great shots. Enjoy yourself, and good luck!

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