7 Simple Tips For Better Photos

September 14th is National Live Creative Day. Though our lives are hectic, we should allow time to enjoy whatever creative activity calls us. You don’t need to be a renowned artist to Live Creative. Just infuse creativity throughout your life in small ways – in the recipes you cook, your decorating, and how you spend your spare time. You may want to consider photography as a creative outlet because you can focus on your interests, such as cars, fashion, nature, etc. Getting started in photography does not require a significant investment, because you already have what you need, your phone. We’ll help you get started on your creative adventure by supplying you with some great photo tips.


• Clean the Lenses
Yes, very basic but, often overlooked. Use a soft cloth.

• Know your Phone
Familiarize yourself with your phone’s capabilities.

• Manually Focus
If your main subject doesn’t look sharp, the autofocus may be focusing on something else. Simply tap on the screen where you want to focus.

• Adjust Exposure
Do your photos look too light or too dark? Manually adjust the exposure before you shoot. It can be as easy as tapping the screen and swiping up to brighten or swiping down to darken. Your objective is to have plenty of color and detail in the important part of the image.

• Keep it Steady
If you don’t have a tripod, rest your phone on a stable surface or lean against something like a tree or door frame. You can hold your arms against your ribs, keep the phone close to you, and hold your breath when you snap that shot. Now breathe!

• Use Burst Mode on Action Shots
For a series of rapid photos use burst mode. Some phones you hold the shutter button for about half a second and some you slide left and it will take them until you release. You’ll have your choice of shots from the series.

• Utilize Leading Lines for Dynamic Images with Great Depth
Leading lines are lines that run from the foreground to the background. There are many examples such as a river, fence, bridge, railway, a long wooded path, or footprints in the sand along a water’s edge. A lead line should draw the viewer’s eye into the scene. To achieve that sense of depth, the line should start in the foreground and lead to the main subject or off into the distance.

• Fun Apps
There are lots of ingenious apps available that can make your photography experience especially fun.

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