Want to create amazing mosaic wall murals with Photosquares like the ones featured on our social media? We got you covered! Follow these easy steps: Step 1: Go to Image Splitter. Step 2: Select Upload Image. Step 3: Upload the image you wish to turn into a mosaic. Step 4: Select the number of squares […]

It’s that wonderful time of year when the leaves change colors and the air becomes brisk. Warm autumn tones are all around us. Why not bring some of those colors inside to spice up your home this fall? It can be a lot of work to change your home décor every season, but here are […]

Nature’s enchanting flora and fauna, captivating environs, and a magnificent multitude of creatures are awe-inspiring and ripe for photographic exploration. Our world offers a staggering array of textures, patterns, geologic formations, and bodies of water as subjects for any avid nature photographer. Beautiful and compelling photos can be created by any photography novice that’s equipped […]

September 14th is National Live Creative Day. Though our lives are hectic, we should allow time to enjoy whatever creative activity calls us. You don’t need to be a renowned artist to Live Creative. Just infuse creativity throughout your life in small ways – in the recipes you cook, your decorating, and how you spend […]

To kids, the beach is a magical place full of hot days, warm sand, and cool waves. Photos document the fun with extended family, fearless body surfing, and giant sandcastle construction. Somehow treasured photos can whisk you back to the beach, and sometimes, you swear you can smell the salt air and Coppertone. Maybe it’s […]

If you have dogs, chances are your phone is filled with photos of them. After all, is there anything cuter than a sleeping pooch or playful pup? Maybe your furry friend loves to get into trouble, and you’ve caught him red-handed!  No matter what your fur babies are doing to make you go, “Aww,” make […]

It’s tough to find the best gift for dad. If you’re tired of guessing which tie would best compliment his overflowing collection, change it up this year with a gift from the heart! Here are some suggestions on how to really wow him this Father’s Day: Show Off Your Photo Skills Whether he’s into sports […]

As we continue to adapt to social distancing, parents are getting extra creative with DIY art projects for their kids. You don’t have to be an artist to turn your home into an art studio this summer. We’ve found four DIY projects that you and your kids can make with regular household items! DIY art […]

Spring is in full effect, and most of us are in our homes all day right now, so why not spruce things up a bit? Sometimes all a space needs is a little deep cleaning and re-decorating to make it feel fresh! It doesn’t have to be a huge project, either. You can make a […]

Spring is on its way, and soon gardens and fields will be sprouting gorgeous colors! If you find flowers captivating, you may find the challenge of flower photography very rewarding. You can take exceptional floral photographs with a basic camera, add a couple of lenses, or use your smartphone.  Check out these helpful tips to […]