Breathtaking Beach Photography

To kids, the beach is a magical place full of hot days, warm sand, and cool waves. Photos document the fun with extended family, fearless body surfing, and giant sandcastle construction. Somehow treasured photos can whisk you back to the beach, and sometimes, you swear you can smell the salt air and Coppertone. Maybe it’s the magic?  You, too, can create magical beach memories by using your phone’s camera and a few of our awesome photo tips.

Up your photo game at the beach with these six excellent tips.

  • Focal Point: Every photo needs a compelling focal point that will give meaning to your composition, such as people, sailboats, footprints.
  • Foreground: Add depth that will draw the viewer into the photo by including something in the foreground. You may need to lie on your tummy in the dunes behind some wildflowers to add that interest and focal point, but your effort will be rewarded.
  • Burst Mode: Beaches contain plenty of movements full of energy like swooping birds, crashing waves, and kids surf jumping. Seize that perfect moment by using the burst mode on your phone. In seconds, you will have a series of shots.
  •  Silhouettes: Use a glowing sunset to create a dramatic silhouette shot. Align your subject, so they block the sun and shoot from a low position using the sky as the background. Set the exposure for the brightest part of the sky.
  •  Detail, Color & Texture: With sand, sea, and sky as the typical beach landscape shots can look very similar. Scour the area for details that will bring beauty and interest to your photos like shells or sea glass. Introduce great textures such as rope or driftwood or add a pop of color, from a bucket or fishing net.
  •  Black and White: Experiment with your image by converting it to black and white using an app. Try this on your shots that you took on a dreary day that offered little detail or color. Scenes with extreme light and dark areas also lend themselves to conversion. Sometimes the transformation produces stunning results.

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Fun Fact: The earth’s oceans contain 20 million tons of gold.