How to Declutter Your Camera Roll

Since camera phones hit the scene more than a decade ago, they’ve developed into an integral part of everyday life. Photography is the third most common use of smartphones for college students, and more Flickr users are posting photos taken with iPhones than with the leading Nikon DSLR. It’s understandable – your phone is multifunctional, ready at any moment, and spacious enough to hold hundreds of memories for years. But what happens when your camera roll gets too full? Are you simply supposed to delete all your precious moments?


Of course not! As with most 21st-century problems, there are plenty of 21st-century solutions to your maxed-out gallery. Here are just a few of them:


Get Organized

Purrge app

When was the last time you actually looked through your camera roll? Scrolling and culling photo after photo can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but never fear – there’s an app for that.


  • Purrge puts an adorable spin on the cleaning process, showing you a cute kitty pic to soften the blow each time you trash a batch of photos. The gesture-based app’s thumbnail grid display makes it easy to compare similar photos, gather them in clusters and delete them in one fell swoop.

Flic app


  • Flic gives you a closer look at all your photos before you delete them, bringing up your camera roll one pic at a time and allowing you to swipe each in the direction you want it to go: right for the gallery, or left for the trash. Flic also keeps you updated on how much space you’ve cleared, and organizes your photos by month as it displays them.


Pack ‘Em Up

Maybe you haven’t had time for a full examination of your gallery, but you still need to clear up space. Luckily, Google has your back! Google Photos offers unlimited photo storage at a limited resolution (files above 16 megapixels will be forcefully resized, probably to the detriment of your photo). For both Android and iOS, Google Photos does it all, from editing to slide shows to organization – the app will immediately create a folder for photos from your device, allowing you to create new sub-folders or transfer existent ones from your phone. Ready to review, print and share (perhaps on an 8” x 8” square)? PhotoSquared’s latest app update allows you to select pictures directly from Google Photos, giving you access to all your folders with a simple touch.


Screeny app

Scrap Your Screenshots

Nothing builds up in your camera roll unnecessarily like screenshots. Most people forget they even took them, and once you’ve shown your best friend those juicy texts from your ex, you’ll likely never need them again. Apps like Screeny and Screenshotter can help you pinpoint them within your camera roll and get rid of them quickly. Their screenshot-detecting powers are surprisingly accurate, but just in case, they both allow you to review the pictures before you delete.



PhotoSquared App

Just Print Them!

Ultimately, even your most treasured photos are taking up space in your phone. Once you’ve decided what to keep, it’s time to do something with them! PhotoSquared is the perfect way to get your best pictures directly off your camera roll and onto the wall. The app is easy to use – just select the photos you’d like to print, adjust them to perfection, and have them shipped to your door for free. Our state-of-the-art printer will take your memories from the screen to the square in living color, and with strong double-sided adhesives, you can put them on virtually any wall surface you can imagine!

Cleaning out your camera roll doesn’t have to be a hassle! With these apps, you can enjoy revisiting memories and look forward to bringing your photos to life.

Already know what photos you want to keep? Download our app to take the next step and put them in your hands!