How to Display Your Child’s Masterpieces

Parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts and uncles all know the joy of receiving artwork from a child. It doesn’t matter if the little one in your life is the next Leonardo da Vinci, or if they’re working on more of a hand-turkey level of sophistication – the effort, thoughtfulness and pride that comes with such a gift is priceless. But once the gift is given, you’re left with a challenge: how do you honor your young artist and maintain your décor?

Don’t let those treasures become a forgotten pile of old paper! Here are a few of the fun, stylish ways you can save and display children’s artwork:

Use an App

You don’t always get to pick where your little artist will unleash their greatness, and more often than not, the vessel is a coffee filter, napkin or crinkly piece of printer paper instead of an attractive canvas. Instead of letting it collect dust (or quietly end up in the recycle bin), snap a pic on your phone and get started with these digital printing and storage solutions:


Canvsly App

  • Canvsly can help you save, organize, and even share your kids’ artwork and photos. Once you’ve taken a picture through the app or imported snapshots, you can arrange folders, create a timeline, and decide privately who gets to view each creation.





Keepy App

  • Keepy can also help with storage, but goes the extra mile when it comes time to print. This versatile app has a store full of printing options like canvases, collages, posters and picture books. It even features an option to invite friends and family to become “fans” of your child, ensuring that they never miss a masterpiece





PhotoSquared App

  • PhotoSquared is another simple way to get your kids’ artwork off your phone and into your hands, especially if you’re looking for an easy-to-use app with a straightforward purpose. Whether the art is living on your camera roll, posted to Instagram or stored in Google Photos, you can select and arrange it your way on a sturdy, 8×8” foam core canvas that’s perfect for hanging in a playroom, kids’ bedroom, or any other room in your house.



Thrift It

Think outside the traditional, cumbersome frame! There are plenty of other ways to display your child’s artwork, so channel their creativity and go for a chic alternative. Poster boards and hanging displays can be fashioned out of unlikely materials such as cork, laundry lines, and even clipboards. If these solutions seem a little permanent to you, try applying plastic frame-shaped decals or other removable adhesive options. Of course, it’s easiest to go without the frame at all, and PhotoSquared has you covered for the perfect frameless photo feature.


Show It Off

A few frames and printed materials are great for the occasional piece of art – but what if your child truly has a passion for creating visual masterpieces?

Consider returning their gift of artwork with a present of your own: a homemade gallery show, starring their art! Whether it’s a themed birthday party or simply a fun gathering, you can offer tickets to family and friends, serve refreshments, and use all your new display solutions to arrange each piece on the wall. PhotoSquared is especially useful for an occasion like this! PhotoSquares use adhesives and lightweight material to make them easy to arrange (and re-arrange), so hanging your child’s gallery – whether for one night or many years – will be a breeze.




Art is one of childhood’s greatest treasures. These tips can help you – and your child – enjoy their work for years to come!

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Ready to show your little artist’s talent to the world? Download our PhotoSquared app to put their gallery in print!