Doggone Good Photography

If you have dogs, chances are your phone is filled with photos of them. After all, is there anything cuter than a sleeping pooch or playful pup? Maybe your furry friend loves to get into trouble, and you’ve caught him red-handed!  No matter what your fur babies are doing to make you go, “Aww,” make sure you utilize these tips to snap a photo that makes you go, “Ahh!”

Five Tips for Photographing Your Dog

Whether you choose an action shot or a portrait shot, it is essential to capture your dog’s true nature from their most photogenic moments!

  • Natural light is preferable, so use the flash sparingly and do a couple of test flashes to acclimate your dog.
  • Make it fun! Try tapping a small treat on top of your phone or camera to get them to look directly at the lens.
  • Get on your dog’s eye-level, by kneeling or lying down.
  • Colorful backgrounds are okay, but try not to make it too busy.
  • Capture the bond between you or family members with your dog and keep everyone in focus. Be patient; it may take a few takes to get it right!


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