Falling for these Fall Décor Ideas

It’s that wonderful time of year when the leaves change colors and the air becomes brisk. Warm autumn tones are all around us. Why not bring some of those colors inside to spice up your home this fall?

It can be a lot of work to change your home décor every season, but here are 5 easy and affordable ways to transition your home for fall:

Set the Table for the Season

Choose a fall color palette. Whether it’s muted tones or bright and colorful, having a color scheme will make the table look more unified and make finding the right décor easier. Creating a fall centerpiece is an easy way to change up your table for the holidays without redecorating everything in your dining room.

Freshen Up the Front Porch

It’s easy to decorate the exterior of your home for fall. Simply place a few pumpkins around, hang a wreath on your door, and place some beautiful fall flowers in your garden or in pots. If you want to go all out – consider placing some hay bales and a scarecrow on your porch to give your home that fall feeling.

Add a Pop of Color with Pillows and Throws

Decorative pillows and throw blankets are easy to swap out every season. A pillow here and there and a blanket draped over a couch or chair will add that autumn feel in no time at all!

 Reuse and Recycle 

Take the décor you already have displayed around your home and give it an autumn twist. Fill your centerpiece bowl with acorns and an orange candle. You can also add mini pumpkins to a large vase or fall flowers to mason jars to give your home a fall feel.

Swap Out your Wall Décor

You can swap out your photos with fall-themed images. PhotoSquared makes it easy to change out your photos. You can remove and re-attach the squares without any damage. It’s a subtle change that can cozy up your home and make it match any season!

For a festive, customizable photo wall, upload your images to PhotoSquared for easily rearrangeable artwork that’s great for home and office décor. Download our App on the App Store or Google Play to get started.