Family, Foliage, and Photos

November brings cool weather, vibrant leaves, and cozy weekends. No wonder many people’s favorite time of year! It’s also the perfect time to snap A+ photos of your family, friends, and gorgeous landscapes. Autumn days bring the perfect contrast of warm colors ‑‑ reds, yellows, and orange juxtaposed against the cool, blue sky. When the leaves start to fall, a visit to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard will ensure stunning photos of your family that you can appreciate all year long.


Utilize these tips for capturing the best foliage:

  • Use the weather to your advantage: Mist and fog, for example, can bring out the bright trees in a stunning way.
  • Know your light: Did you know that an overcast day can be the perfect day for taking photos? Overcast lighting eliminates harsh shadows and highlights.
  • Post peak: Some of the most breathtaking fall photos are taken after the leaves have fallen. Frost and rain turn the ground into a canvas all its own!



Try these tips for captivating frames of loved ones:

  • Set up a photoshoot in a grove of trees, a rustic barn, by the water, apple orchard or pumpkin patch.
  • Look for unique items in the area to add depth to your photo: like a ladder, basket, or wagon.
  • Throw on some earthy tones like burgundy, orange, yellow or brown. Boots, denim, and sweaters are also perfect!


Once you shoot your autumn masterpieces, send them to us to print on decorative, repositionable Photosquares. Fall memories will last well beyond the season when you create Photosquare collages in your home, office, or dorm!