Friends, Photos, & Fun… a National Holiday?

Do you know what day it is? It’s National Best Friends Day! Text your best friends because even though your crew doesn’t need an excuse to hang out, a day totally dedicated to your friendship is a great way to celebrate! Whether your friendship style is active, artsy, or relaxed, here are some stellar ways you can honor your “chosen” family this month:

Make a Playlist

Collect the songs you and your best friends jam out to on a Spotify list! Music apps are a great way to save your favorites. You can even swap lists with each other. Throw an outdoor dance party, or dare we suggest… curate a choreographed dance! Either one you choose, get ready to show some dance moves. Just don’t forget to snap some pictures during the fun. They’ll look great on Photosquares!

Drive-in Movie

When was the last time you visited a drive-in movie theater? Although they may seem to be getting less popular, drive-in movie theaters are still in existence all over the country. The ambiance of the drive-in creates a throwback feel that’s impossible to replicate at an indoor theater. So grab some popcorn and your favorite candies and fill your car with friends; a summer blockbuster awaits!

Pinterest-inspired Party

This is where your creativity blossoms! Pinterest offers a world of do-it-yourself for every activity, party, and project imaginable. That’s why Pinterest parties are the best! Choose from so many different Pinterest party ideas to honor your friends on this holiday. What an awesome opportunity to make those intriguing invites, bake those scrumptious cupcakes, and craft those yummy cocktails that you’ve had your eye on. You can even use our Photosquares to decorate!

Photosquared Photoshoot

You don’t have to be a model or a professional photographer to have a successful photoshoot. All you need is a smart phone and some of your closest pals. Choose a scenic place around town and start snapping portraits! The right angles and bomb lighting are essential for these pictures. After you’re finished, give yourself some time to edit them with one of these amazing editing apps!

Remember that at the end of the day, it is not always about how you celebrated National Best Friends Day but who you celebrated with. Go out and enjoy each other’s company because that is the most important part.