Give Thanks in Style: 4 Tips for a Mouth-Watering Food Photoshoot

In the age of Instagram, food photography has become commonplace, and an art all its own. It may be taboo to whip out your DSLR or smart phone at Thanksgiving dinner, but what if your meal is just too beautiful to eat? Surely your family won’t mind you capturing this ephemeral scene before they chow down… Right?

If you’re looking to create the perfect food photoshoot, PhotoSquared can help! Here are four tips for making your meal so photogenic, not even your hungry guests will fault you for the wait:

Pick Pretty

We eat with our eyes first, so you may as well make the food look delicious. Cooking can lead to amazing transformations, but some ingredients are just beautiful from the start. When choosing produce for your picture-perfect Thanksgiving meal, be sure to look for bright coloration and minimal bruising, especially in the case of cranberries and sweet potatoes. You may even want to take pictures of your fruits and veggies before they’re cooked (and hang them in your kitchen using beautiful 8×8” PhotoSquares)! You can also seek out Thanksgiving recipes designed to help you get fancy and spruce up your dish.

Cook with Style

Did you know that “food stylist” is a real profession? While some of the pros’ tips and tricks are NOT advisable for keeping your dish edible (replacing ice cream with potatoes and maple syrup with motor oil), others are an excellent source of inspiration for your Thanksgiving photoshoot. You can even check out some food stylist Instagram accounts to get some bright ideas!

Set the Table

Set (and shoot) your table with style. In food photography, the aesthetic doesn’t end with what’s on the plate. The arrangement of your dining table and your buffet setup are just as important! Fall is the perfect time of year for themed tablescapes: you can include seasonal elements like nuts, gourds and leaves, or simply lean on a warm autumn color scheme for dishware and linens. Just be sure to coordinate colors, and keep the following photography techniques in mind when choosing your textures!


Shoot Your Shot

Once the stage is set, it’s up to you to use every tool in your photographer’s belt to capture the culinary magic. Here are few tips from us before you get started:

  • Shoot in natural light, but avoid the shadows cast in bright sunlight.
  • Pay attention to your background, using neutral colors and textures like wood and white tablecloths.
  • Watch your angles, adjusting your perspective to suit the food best. Plates and bowls are best shot from above, while cups and glasses can be captured from the side.

When it’s time to share the memories of your beautiful meal, we have just the solution: make them part of your holiday décor with PhotoSquared! Download our app and select at least four of your favorite shots. Shipping is fast and free – in 2-5 business days, your squares will be delivered right to your door!

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