Great Gifts for Your Favorite Photographer

There’s one in every family – a photographer, that is! When your loved one is passionate about photography, they’re bound to want a gift that indulges their hobby and improves their art. But what’s the best present to help them capture their vision this holiday season?

Here’s a list of picture-perfect gifts you might want to check twice:

Travel Gear

Sometimes the perfect shot requires a photographer to take the show on the road – including their pricey camera, smartphone, and any other hardware they may need. Help them gear up this season with some sturdy, stylish carrying equipment! Straps, lens cap holders, camera bags and all-purpose backpacks are perfect for giving your loved one peace of mind while they follow their artistic instincts.

Camera Enhancements

They say you only need three things to take a picture: your eyes, a camera, and some light. But why should your photographer settle for whatever their current lens has to offer? Open a world of opportunities for photographic greatness by giving them some amazing enhancements!

If your loved one is more of a smartphone camera aficionado, never fear – many of these DSLR attachments are available for phones, in physical or app form.

Photography Books

As fun as it is to shoot your own photos, a true lover of photography is just as passionate about the work of others. Give the gift of inspiration in the form of a photography book – perhaps one of these stunning bestsellers:

  • Advanced Style depicts the world’s most stylish senior citizens as they strut their stuff on city streets from New York to Paris. This quirky collection, stemming from creator Ari Seth Cohen’s popular photo blog, is perfect for photographers who love fashion and human interest.
  • 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Images of All Time is a collection by Time magazine featuring some of the most iconic shots ever snapped. This is a must-have for pop culture junkies who love to admire the impact of photography on our world.
  • In Focus: National Geographic’s Greatest Portraits is essential reading for aspiring nature photographers and photojournalists. Give them the opportunity to learn from the greats!


The greatest gift a photographer can receive is sincere appreciation of their art. But how can you wrap that up and put it in a box? PhotoSquared can help! When you print your loved one’s photos on 8×8” foam core canvases, they’ll know you enjoy them enough to share with the world. If they use a smartphone camera, simply download what they’ve sent you to your camera roll and select through the app. If they prefer DSLR, PhotoSquared can still access their collection through Instagram or Google Photos. The squares are durable, stylish and easy to hang using double-sided adhesives – no nails, no hassle.

For a photographer, it’s hard to top the gift of their very own photo gallery to display or share!

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