Harmonious Spaces: How to Create the Perfect Music Room

Music is a unifying human experience. No matter what genre you prefer, everyone can agree that music enriches our lives and adds a touch of joy to the everyday. But some people – those who would agree to call themselves “music lovers” – don’t just like music. They’re obsessed with it. If you’re this person, you may even consider enshrining your passion for music in your home in the form of a music-themed room, where you may keep your instruments, your high-def speakers, and relics from your many pilgrimages to see your favorite bands.

At PhotoSquared, we’re music lovers too. And we think that’s a great idea. Here are some of our favorite tips for creating your music-themed room in perfect harmony:

Mount Your Mementos

There’s nothing more exciting than the memory of holding that sought-after concert ticket in your hands. Add that excitement to your awesome music room by framing those stubs and hanging them on your wall! If the concerts you’ve attended are more recent, hard-copy tickets may have become a thing of the past – but don’t worry! There are still plenty of concert souvenirs worth framing, from t-shirts to programs to the cover of your favorite album. All can make for cool shadowbox collages that are sure to strike a chord and some conversation with guests.

Bring the Music to Life

Take those amazing concert photos you took and show them off on PhotoSquares! Concert photos are an essential part of any music lover’s themed space, but between printing, framing and mounting, the process of installing them can be a hassle. PhotoSquared has your solution! With firm-but-gentle adhesives, each 8×8” PhotoSquared canvas is easy to install – no frame required! Paired with our unbeatable technology for crisp, vibrant printing, PhotoSquares are the perfect way to bring your concert memories to life.

Love Your Lyrics

Take lyrics from your favorite songs and create word art to decorate your music themed space At PhotoSquared, we’re huge fans of word art, and your favorite song lyrics are no exception. We’re a perfect match – just download four or more images of your lyrics on a gorgeous background, select them in the PhotoSquared app, then viola! In 3-5 business days, you’ll be ready to decorate! Wait, you’re NOT a graphic designer?! No worries – here are a few of our favorite apps that allow anybody to make beautiful word art right on their mobile device:

  • Canva is awesome for those looking for a little more pop in their lyrical graphics. Their beautiful free templates and easy-to-use editing tools will make you feel like a pro!
  • Word Swag is unique for its amazing variety of fonts, allowing users to capture the message behind their favorite lyrics. You can even choose the photos from your own camera roll!
  • Text2Pic allows you to go a little deeper with your text design, allowing for 3D and shadowing effects. Although you’re required to use a template, you have a wide range of beautiful photos to choose from!

Put it on Record

Great conversation pieces are a cornerstone of any themed room. Music lovers can capitalize on a timeless trend to fill this need: vinyl crafts made of recycled records! This fantastic material is used to make an unbelievable variety of objects, including shelving, mirrors and light fixtures. You can even use your own vinyl records to create some groovy wall art, leaving the album titles visible so guests can marvel at your impeccable music taste.

With PhotoSquared, you’ll be ready to rock OR relax in your beautiful music room!

Want more ideas and inspiration for how to make an amazing music-themed room? Check out our Music Themed Room Pinterest board!

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