How to Keep Your Art Green in 2018

As Earth Day approaches, there’s one color that comes to mind more than any other on the spectrum: green! It’s the fresh look of grass and leaves, the base hue of all our planet’s natural wonders, and a symbol of new growth during the spring season. Craft-makers, painters, drawers and photographers can all benefit from adding a little green to their art – but that doesn’t just mean snapping a photo of a tree or buying a new tube of paint.

Let’s be sure there are still landscapes to paint, shoot and inspire the next generation of artists. Here are some helpful Earth Day tips for filling your home with eco-friendly art:

Stay Humble with Your Camera

Nature photography is an incredibly popular and beautiful art form that requires the artist to interact physically with the great outdoors. Here are a few ways you can minimize your impact and respect the landscape around you.

  • Don’t disturb the scenery – if you want nature to remain for the next photographer, be sure the mark you leave behind is as minimal as possible. If a branch is in your shot, don’t break it; if there’s already a trail, stick to it. Animals are also popular subjects for photography, so be sure to respect them as well – maintain your distance and try not to make too much noise as you settle in for the photo.
  • Don’t litter may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes even the best of us fail to be mindful of our waste when there are no trash cans to be found. If you want to go the extra mile, take a quick break from photography and pick up trash others have left. Also, make the simple switch to rechargeable batteries and keep harmful chemicals out of the landfills.

Craft Your Recyclables

For those who love to craft, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a trip to Michael’s or Joann Fabrics. But for the sake of the planet (and your wallet), consider that you may already have materials at home! You can reuse newspapers, bottles and cardboard boxes (such as the ones carrying an order of PhotoSquares when they arrive in 3-5 business days) to create unique, eco-friendly crafts such as magazine holders or storage boxes. You can even be extra creative and use more unexpected materials like toothbrushes, old clothes, wine corks and mesh bags that might otherwise end up in a landfill, or worse – out in nature, posing a danger to wildlife. Need some inspiration? The internet is full of fantastic craft ideas featuring recyclable materials!

Don’t Forget to Paint Green

Traditional artists have MANY tools of the trade, but when it comes to manufacturing and disposal, not all of them are easy on the environment. Try incorporating a few of these green options into your next art project:

  • Drawing paper can be found in all manner of eco-friendly solutions! Your next sketchpad could be 100% recycled, or made of alternative materials (such as hemp or bamboo) that take less of a toll on the environment.
  • EcoPencils are made of reforested wood and break-resistant lead, both reducing waste and contributing to conservation efforts for the world’s trees.
  • Oil paints can become harmful to the planet when they’re disposed of, but water mixable oil paint is made of natural materials and eliminates the need for harsh solvents when mixing colors together.

Print for the Planet

Whether you’re a photographer, crafter or traditional artist, the best way to share your work with others is to distribute prints – unfortunately, the environmental impact of regular printing can be massive. It’s important to choose a printing solution that’s Earth-friendly, and PhotoSquared can help! PhotoSquared foam core can be recycled, and it has even been ground into pellets and used to create community park benches. We also make an effort to package using as many recyclable materials as possible! Order your first four squares for $48 (and each additional square for just $8) – you’ll be able to share your art in a permanent way that requires no hammers or nails thanks to our strong-but-gentle adhesives.

Looking for some eco-friendly and recycled art inspiration?! Check out our Eco-Friendly Art for Earth Day Pinterest Board.

Feel good about the art you make and share! Create with the earth in mind and print green on a beautiful PhotoSquare.

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