Perfect Holiday Gifts for Grandparents

For families with children, grandparents are essential to holiday celebrations – often, the traditions you and your kids cherish most each season were passed down from them, or from your own grandparents. This, combined with all the love (and free childcare) they provide year-round, makes it hard to imagine what life would be like without them.

So, what’s the perfect holiday gift to show the grandparents in your life how much you appreciate them? Here are four heartfelt suggestions they’re sure to enjoy:

Homemade Crafts

A heartfelt craft from the grandkids won’t fail to make a grandparent smile, and your kids will gain the satisfaction of having created the gift themselves from start to finish. There are hundreds of holiday craft guides available online, from bookmarks to hand and footprint artwork to pillows and blankets decorated with craft markers. Need a place to start? Check out our very own Pinterest board full of grandparent DIYs!

A Long-Overdue Visit

You may be able to do even better than a metaphorical piece of the grandkids – just bring the kids! Especially if you don’t live close by, a visit can make an ordinary holiday season extremely special to both grandparents and children. This may be a gift you plan out in advance, ensuring that can make the most of your time together; consider timing your visit around a local event you’d all enjoy attending as a family.

Subscriptions They’ll Love

While there are some tech-savvy, independent grandparents out there, others still struggle with modern entertainment and lifestyle subscriptions. Try getting them set up with a service like Netflix, Hulu, Blue Apron, a massage membership, or even a subscription box gift full of clothing, books or snacks. Make this full setup an annual gift – this is a present that will last, giving them access to things they enjoy all year long.

Fabulous PhotoSquares 

PhotoSquares make the perfect grandparent gift!

Grandparent-oriented gifts share a common theme of making family memories. How better to preserve these

cherished moments than in a photograph? PhotoSquares are the perfect canvas medium for grandparents! Strong double-sided adhesives make them easy to apply, they weigh virtually nothing, and they’re a tangible canvas older folks can hold and use to decorate. Just download the app, choose at least four pictures from your camera roll, Instagram, or Google Photos, and – as a special seasonal touch – add a personalized message to be included in the box. In 3-5 business days, your parent or grandparent will receive a heartfelt delivery of timeless memories.

With rapid delivery and free shipping, PhotoSquares are perfect for last-minute shoppers looking to give grandparents a gift from the heart.

Download the app today – your first four squares are just $44, plus (for December only) each additional square is only $8. If your grandparent or parent is a digital whiz, send them one of our Gift Codes instead and let them choose their own photos to print!