Petals to the Metal: How to Create Exquisite Floral Photography

How to Create Exquisite Floral Photography Spring is here, and with it comes the glorious sight of nature as it rebounds from a long winter’s nap. The temperature rises, the grass becomes greener, and – best of all – flowers begin to bloom! Spring flowers are a popular subject with photographers, and for good reason. As the beautiful buds open, so does a world of possibilities for you and your camera!

If you’re having trouble deciding where to start, we’re happy to help! Here are some suggestions to keep in mind while you tiptoe through the tulips:

Try New Photography Techniques

Nature always presents new opportunities to challenge yourself as a photographer. By applying these techniques, you can turn a simple flower into something magical:

  • Floral Macrophotography Macrophotography lets a photographer get up close and personal with tiny details, making it the perfect technique for bringing out the most in a tiny subject. This is great way to shoot flowers that are small, intricate, or ornamented with an extra element like pollen or water droplets.
  • Bokeh photography involves using a fast, wide-open lens to focus on a subject in the foreground while softening the background into a dreamlike blur. This method will allow you to truly accent the vibrant colors of spring floral landscapes!


Flower Arrangements

Making art with flowers doesn’t begin or end with photography. Try your hand at crafting with flowers before you pull out your camera! Create a flower arrangement in your favorite vase and use it as the subject of a still life, or press some petals in a book and shoot them against a white background. Engaging with the flowers on multiple levels will give you a strong sense of satisfaction when the project is done, and it’s sure to put you in the mood for spring!

Think Outside the Flower Box

Think Outside the Flower Box If you’re a multitalented individual who spends as much time planting as you do taking pictures, consider that flowers aren’t the only thing in your garden worth shooting. Uniquely-shaped vegetables, luscious herbs and garden wildlife like bumblebees and hummingbirds (if you can catch them) are great additions to your gallery. If you’re a homegrown cook, place photos of your own herbs and vegetables in your kitchen to show off your fresh ingredients. PhotoSquares are the perfect way to print them!  These 8×8” foam core canvases are small enough to fit above a sink or cabinet, and firm-but-gentle adhesives allow you to stick them easily to any surface with no damage.


Bring the Garden Home

Not everyone with a passion for floral photography has been blessed with their own green thumb. If this is your predicament, don’t be discouraged! Use your photography goals as an excuse to visit a local botanical garden, or even a patch of wildflowers. Once you shoot the landscape, use the PhotoSquared app to select at least four of your best photos from Instagram, Google Photos or your camera roll. After checkout, you’ll receive your vibrantly-printed squares in 3-5 business days, and you’ll be ready to arrange your very own “wall garden!” Apartment-dwellers and unfortunate gardeners rejoice – this everlasting garden relies only on your photography skills, requires minimal space, and can be switched out seasonally without hammers and nails.

Let your photography skills blossom this spring – and let us help you share them on beautiful PhotoSquares!
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