Share a Square with Dad This Father’s Day

Most greeting card stores and gift shops would have you believe that all dads are created equal – of course, Father’s Day is about fishing gear, grill paraphernalia, and the nebulous concept of “tools.” The truth is, dads come in all shapes and sizes! Some would rather rock out than tee off, and others have tools of the trade that look more like a mouse and keyboard than a hammer and nails.

If this is true, and your favorite shop has failed you, how can you possibly find the perfect gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Leave it to PhotoSquared! Help your dad express his interests (no matter what he’s into!) with some stellar images he can hang in his office or his favorite spot in the house.

Need some help getting creative with your dad’s custom PhotoSquares? Here are some suggestions on how to really wow him on Father’s Day:

Show Off Your Photo Skills

If you know your way around a smartphone camera or DSLR, put your skills toward an extra special gift for Dad: a printed set of your own photographs, tailored to his specific interests! Whether it’s sports photography or indoor shots of his favorite record store, your dad will be thrilled to see the fruits of his child’s talents. This will be especially powerful if the photos feature an activity or event you enjoyed together (bonus points for pics that include the two of you). Once you’ve downloaded the PhotoSquared app, simply choose at least four of your favorite photos from your camera roll, Google Photos or Instagram. Your squares will arrive in 3-5 business days, making them the perfect gift for last minute shoppers!

Find Pictures That Pop

Download some stock photos and give Dad photos he'll loveMaybe you don’t have any experience behind the lens, or your dad’s hobbies are difficult to track down and shoot yourself. Never fear – photographers across the world have been generous enough to share stock photos online for free! Here are some of our favorite resources:

  • Pexels boasts a huge selection of professional quality photos Dad will be proud to display. So what if none of these gorgeous sailboats belong to him… A man can dream!
  • Unsplash is a great source of authentic, quirky photography, perfect for a dad with style – for the perfect example, check out the search results for “classic cars!”
  • KaboomPics has a fantastic search feature that allows you to choose the orientation, mode and primary color scheme you’re looking for, or even locate pics from the same photoshoot. This is a great tool to help create a cohesive collage!

Arrange Them His Way

Speaking of a collage, you can’t just order one PhotoSquare (literally, you have to pick four), so why not take the opportunity to be extra creative? Once you’ve shot or found your photos, put up a stylish arrangement in Dad’s favorite hangout spot as a shrine to his beloved hobby. You can conspire with other family members to sneak in and surprise him, or you can make it a bonding project for the two of you to complete together. If you don’t have a “Handy Dad” and the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, don’t worry: PhotoSquares are easy to install! Firm-but-gentle adhesives allow you to stick and remove our frameless squares without damaging walls – no “tools” required.

Share the Love

Although every dad is different, there is one love they have in common: their families! Your Father’s Day PhotoSquares provide the perfect opportunity to create a wall full of his most cherished memories, from a trip he took you on as a child to your most recent time spent together. You can even help him relive his own glory days by digging deep into a scrapbook with a grandparent! These photographs are the perfect way to connect with Dad and strengthen your bond on the day meant to celebrate all he means to you.

With PhotoSquared, the possibilities are infinite for a thoughtful, unique Father’s Day gift that truly comes from the heart!

Download the app today – there’s still time to order for Father’s Day! Use the code DAD2 to buy 5 squares (or more) and get two more squares FREE. If Dad is the photographer in the family, we’ve got you covered! Purchase a Gift Code and give him the chance to choose his own favorite images.

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