Spring Décor Never Looked Better

Spring is in full effect, and most of us are in our homes all day right now, so why not spruce things up a bit? Sometimes all a space needs is a little deep cleaning and re-decorating to make it feel fresh! It doesn’t have to be a huge project, either. You can make a couple of simple changes that will transform your home’s look and feel. We’ve come up with five spring décor tips to keep in mind as you welcome spring:

  1. Floral is seriously in. If you’re feeling bold, it’s a great print to cover the room, but floral also works well as a subtle accent. Wallpapers, pillows, and wall art are all great ways to add this design trend into your home.
  2. Kitchen art is a must. When you think of kitchen decor, you probably consider dishes, towels, spice racks, etc. But have you thought about hanging photos or decorating open shelves? Kitchen art is in, and now’s the time to jump on this trend and add more décor to the heart of your home.
  3. Country chic is another trend that we love! There’s something so nostalgic and homey about distressed finishes on furniture, plants in clay pots, natural woods, and off-whites that make us swoon.
  4. Earthy and organic is here! Now’s your chance to see how green your thumb is. Houseplants are all the rage. Natural finishes are also a staple. Not interested in taking care of a houseplant, but still want to decorate? Photos of plants will still do the trick!
  5. Colors are the new neutrals. It’s time to stop painting those walls white, beige, and grey. No more purchasing neutral-colored furniture and accessories. Try some color! Go bold with a bright sofa or carpet. Throw bright colors on the walls and embrace the ambiance!

Regardless of the trend, wall art is an essential accent. PhotoSquares makes that part easy. Simply submit your favorite smartphone photos, and we’ll print them on stylish 8×8” tiles and ship them to your door. Want to know the best part? PhotoSquares come with an adhesive that makes them simple to arrange. It’s time to start decorating!