Spring Sports Shots Belong on PhotoSquares

Cheerleader photo in PhotoSquares
Show them you are the biggest fan with some stylish Photo Squares for their room!

Spring is in the air, and that means longer days full of sunshine and sports! The smell of freshly mowed grass brings baseball, softball, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse and cheer back into your kids’ daily routine (and throws you back into your favorite role: full time chauffer, cheerleader and photographer). Obviously, this eats up a lot of your time, but this spring, there’s a better, faster way to capture the memories on your phone and make them last in your home and your heart with PhotoSquared (8”x8” lightweight squares that easily attach to your walls with no nails and little effort). We’ve got a few pointers to help you save even more time by getting the perfect shot the first time. So, read on, then get out there and start snapping!

Sometimes taking those action shots with your phone can be as difficult as wrangling the kids into the tub after the game. But simple tricks like putting your camera on burst mode or downloading an app for capturing action shots can increase the likeliness of getting that perfect shot. Burst mode takes several photos in mere seconds, allowing you to choose the best-looking photo of the group. Not only can it get you that perfect shot when they’re kicking the ball, swinging the bat or nailing a perfect backflip, but you can use several of them to create an awesome display by sticking four PhotoSquares in a row. Now that’s a home run!

Decorate with PhotoSquares
Whether they have one favorite sport or love every sport, keep their eye on the ball with some Photo Squares in their room.

While action shots are great (and easier than ever for the amateur photographer to take with a smartphone), we’ve come up with a few other ways to create the perfect sports shots for your home (or give them as a gift):

  • Create letters using your child and their sports equipment, whether it’s a bat and glove, lacrosse stick or pom-poms. Display the photosquares in a row to spell out your child’s name. This is PERFECT for their bedroom.
  • You don’t need to pay a pro to snap the team photo. Take the perfect shot yourself by lining up the kids in several rows rather than one long row; you’ll see their faces better and the image fits into a square shape. Order a few extras for the coaching staff (the team can even sign their “autographs” on the back with a silver sharpie!). It’s a whole new take on an age-old tradition.
  • Create a collage with a smartphone app like Pic Stitch and take the hassle out of having to choose only one shot. Whether it’s the whole gang on one square for grandma, several great action shots from the season for the kids’ bedrooms, or posed shots of them in uniform from the past few seasons on one photosquare for the family room (watch them grow from year to year), creating a collage can keep the season alive long after it’s ended.
  • Great sports shots don’t HAVE to be of the kids. Snap a few pics at your next sporting event, whether you’re tailgating with the crew, have courtside seats or are posing with your home team’s mascot. It’s a breeze to print your moments onto PhotoSquares and slap them up in the mancave.

Your memories will be safe at home with easy-to-stick PhotoSquares and you’ll have plenty of time to spend on the field, the sideline or the bleachers. Don’t strike out this spring, download the app today and start printing pictures off your phone and onto PhotoSquares. You’ll be the family’s MVP!