Spruce Up Your Space This Spring

Spring cleaning is boring. Sure, the shelves need dusting and the baseboards need washing, but instead of simply cleaning your space, why not reimagine it? We’re talking about spring decorating! If you daydream about brighter décor while you and your family are packing away winter clothes, you’ll be much more motivated to get the spring-cleaning tasks out of the way sooner rather than later. Spring decorating doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of money or redesigning your space from scratch. It can simply be a refresh. It’s remarkable what a few changes can do.

What’s trending?

This spring, there are quite a few fashion trends in home décor. We’ve chosen our favorite (and least expensive) three.

Tropical Houseplants

PhotoSquared Geometric Patterns

Nature has an overall calming effect and plants help remind us of the soothing outdoors while we’re stuck indoors. From orchids to peace lilies and everything in-between, interior designers agree that plants add flair to your home.

Add your personal touch: Some of us don’t love having plants in the house because we may forget to water them, or the cat might knock them over. PhotoSquared has a solution! Snap pictures of your favorite flowers and turn them into a beautiful array of wall art!


Dashing geometric patterns are taking over the runway and interior spaces this spring. Whether you want to start subtle or bring home the bold, there is no wrong way to incorporate pattern into your décor.

Add your personal touch: If you love DIY projects and have a plain closet door that needs some dazzling, pop into your local art supply store and choose your favorite stencil and paints to create a custom masterpiece!



PhotoSquared contrasting colors Using contrasting color pairings to jolt a space is hot this spring. Some of the most popular contrasts are black/white, indigo/gray, and metallic/wood. When using contrasting colors, it’s important to remember that one color takes on the dominant role while the other accents it.

Add your personal touch: Are one of your rooms more neutral than the others? Find a new accent piece that brightens up the space, like a gorgeous vase or contemporary lampshade.

How can we help?

First, the bad news: we won’t help you mop or dust this season. But the good news? We’re here to make your living space more exciting! Whether it’s creating a geometric pattern on your dining room wall with your favorite floral photos or printing your brightest smartphone shots to contrast with your lightest room, let PhotoSquared help you redecorate this spring!