The Many Moods of Love: How to Personalize Your Valentine’s Day

Everybody loves Valentine’s Day – right? In fact, everyone’s favorite lovey-dovey holiday has taken some heat in recent times. The usual card store offerings have begun to seem a bit generic as our world becomes less homogeneous and more celebratory of what makes us (and our relationships) one of a kind. How can the same old hearts and candies express the unique love you share with your partner?

PhotoSquared has a few ideas! Here are a few ways you can turn your special type of love into the perfect gift for your Valentine:

Keeping It Silly

For some couples, the language of love is laughter! If you and your Valentine are a regular comedy duo, consider factoring laughs into your special day. Rent your favorite romantic comedy for a fun movie night, plan a lighthearted prank on your SO (like the adorable “Heart Attack”) that ends in a sweet sentiment, or assemble some of your favorite silly memories and funny faces on 8×8” PhotoSquares! With firm-but-gentle adhesives, a PhotoSquared display is easy to create and remove when the night is through – just peel, stick, and repeat!

Classic Romance

Give a thoughtful, romantic gift of PhotoSquares this Valentine's Day All love comes from the heart, but some couples take the fires of romance a little more seriously than others. If classic romantic gestures are for you, there are still ways to customize the experience and make it truly special. Instead of a store-bought bundle of roses, try to hand-arrange your Valentine’s bouquet with all their favorite blooms. If you’re capable in the kitchen, host a candlelit dinner for two featuring a homemade spread. PhotoSquared can even help set the mood – check out our beautiful fonts on PhotoSquared Pics to create a mosaic of your partner’s name on the wall, then accentuate with rose petals and some romantic candlelight.

Love for a Lifetime

Create a loving gesture of your relationship with PhotoSquared For couples who have been together for years through thick and thin, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate the journey of love! You and your longtime partner have a wealth of memories to draw on, so incorporate them into a special gift. If you’ve started a family together, you can even get the kids involved! Everyone can gather their favorite memories to create a scrapbook, or assemble a beautiful wall display of family moments using easy-install PhotoSquares!

With PhotoSquared, your Valentine’s Day can be perfectly tailored to the many moods of love!

PhotoSquares ship fast and free, but don’t get caught last minute – download our app today! If your loved one is an avid photographer, they may wish to choose their own special photos to print. We have the perfect solution – buy them a Gift Code and review your favorite photo memories together!

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