Turn Art Projects into Wall Art

As we continue to adapt to social distancing, parents are getting extra creative with DIY art projects for their kids. You don’t have to be an artist to turn your home into an art studio this summer. We’ve found four DIY projects that you and your kids can make with regular household items!

DIY art projects:

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Stamps: We’ve spent the last few months scrounging for toilet paper, be sure to save those empty rolls! These flower stamps are as simple as cut, paint, and press. Follow the link for some floral fun!

Coffee Filter Butterflies: Coffee filters, markers, and water droplets… oh my! This adorable craft couldn’t be easier. Decorate your home with some cute fluttery filters!

Homemade Puffy Sidewalk Paint: Perfect for children of all ages! Switch up the regular sidewalk chalk with liquid puffy paint chalk. The ingredients are surprisingly simple, but you should rinse off the same day, so make sure you take lots of photos!

Pipe Cleaner Animals: Rainy day activity alert! Follow the link to create nine different adorable pipe cleaner animals. Hot tip: googly eyes are a must!

While we all want our children’s art to last forever in its original form, the chance of the projects staying intact is pretty slim – mostly if they’re made of delicate supplies, like paper – or temporary, like sidewalk art. Be sure to take pictures from different angles and in various locations, choose your favorites, and put them on PhotoSquares! Create a gallery of “Summer 2020” art that you and the kids can have forever! There’s no better way to commemorate your child’s creativity. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get crafty!