Five Photo Tips for Your Summer Vacation

The long-awaited (but always too short) summer vacation season is finally upon us! Whether it’s a trip to the local beach or to a distant tropical island, summer vacations are a time to relax, unwind and spend some quality time with the family. Of course, you’ll be bringing your smartphone along for the ride (81% of Americans say their phone is their number one travel accessory!). This year, instead of texting, surfing the web and checking email during your time off, turn your attention to your phone’s camera. It’s time to capture your memories and ensure they last longer than those summer tan lines.

Check out these tips that will have your camera roll looking like it belongs in an issue of Travel and Leisure:

  1. Accessorize Thoroughly.

Make sure your cell is ready for rough terrain; you’re likely to encounter smartphone killers out in the wild. Sun, sand and saltwater all spell havoc for your phone. Invest in a good case and/or screen protector, or at the very least bring along a few Ziploc bags to keep your phone sand-free. Bring along additional power cords, squid chargers and a battery backup so you’re never left with a dead phone in front of a majestic sunset.

  1. Take a Refresher Course. phone with camera app open

Ideally, you know your phone and its camera well by now; if not, it’s time to learn. There’s nothing worse than missing the perfect shot because you don’t know how to quickly turn on the camera. Brush up on your photo apps (if you don’t have any, this article can help narrow down which app is right for you). Use your travel time to play with the various camera apps, testing how to set the focus, deal with different lighting, and sneaking a pic of the lady across the aisle asleep and drooling (practice makes perfect!).

  1. Choose a Theme.

Come up with a unique family theme for your adventure. Do a bit of research before the trip and learn some fun tidbits about your new surroundings. Every destination has its own look and feel, landscape and story. If you’re having trouble, don’t stress (you are on vacation, after all). You can always let the location inspire you on the fly, or talk with the locals to find some hidden gems off the map. Let your vacation destination tell its story through your camera’s lens.

  1. Learn from the Experts.

The best photos are typically spur-of-the-moment, candid shots. You can try to orchestrate a family portrait if you’d like, but stiff poses aren’t the most captivating or original. Catch them at play, enjoying the atmosphere. It’s tempting to rest, but try to get out there early and stay out late. Let nature lend a hand; try to take some stunning shots during the golden hours (an hour after sunrise and before sunset). For more tips on lighting and creating professional looking shots, check out February’s blog post, Seven Tips to Make your Photos Look Fantastic.

  1. Create a Wall of Memories.Create an oasis in your home with a display of your vacation adventures.

All good things come to an end, and while the vacation may be over, the memories can live on. Choose your favorite pics from your camera roll and transform them into gorgeous PhotoSquares. Place an order on your way home (with our fast and free 3-5 day shipping, they could be waiting for you on your doorstep when you return to reality). Create an oasis in your home with a display of your vacation adventures. Add to your collection each year and build a wall showcasing your life’s journeys. Sticking PhotoSquares up on the wall is effortless, creates an awesome impression with guests, and lets you relive your favorite memories every day.

Wherever your summer destination may be, these tips will help you create the photo display of your dreams and keep your treasured memories in view the whole year through. While summer will soon fade to fall, your new skills will last a lifetime (and they’re useful any time of year!). Enjoy your trip, spend quality time with your family, and free those gorgeous photos from your camera roll with PhotoSquared.