Fall 2018 Décor: Why It’s Hip to be Square

There’s a common myth among the fashionable that keeping a trendy home is for those who can afford it. It’s partially true – a full overhaul each season requires a commitment of time, money and energy. With the end of vacation season and the beginning of the school year, making that commitment becomes even more difficult. Fall is arguably the most beautiful time of year, and all you want is a festive home! Why does it have to be so hard?

The fact is, it doesn’t. With PhotoSquared, cutting-edge fall décor is as easy as “Style, Stick, Repeat!” Here are four of fall 2018’s biggest trends, each paired perfectly with a ready-made mosaic from our NEW PhotoSquared Pics:

Distinctive Textures

Fall textures and bold colors are featured in
“Red Fall Leaves” available at PhotoSquared Pics

The fall season comes with its own distinct set of textures – wood, burlap, fallen leaves – and in 2018, highlighting them in your décor is all the rage. But maybe you don’t have the time or funds to buy a new set of throw pillows, a knotty wooden lamp or a garland of perfectly pressed (probably fake) leaves. That’s where PhotoSquared Pics comes in! Check out the “Red Fall Leaves” mosaic, designed to replicate your favorite fall textures on crystal-clear matte foam core.

Rustic Pieces

Our stylish Fall Forest mosaic presents a beautiful, rustic piece for your fall decor.
“Fall Forest” available at PhotoSquared Pics

There may never be a moment when antiques and vintage pieces aren’t stylish, but there’s a special brand of rustic art that explodes when fall comes around. Anything evoking a harvest landscape – barn décor, hollow gourds, wooden apple crates, wagons – is fair game to display in your home as a conversation piece. But these items can be elusive and expensive in perfect condition for display. That’s why we created the “Fall Forest” mosaic! You can bring this stunning landscape into your home, no antique hunting or expensive art investment required.


Bold Graphic Prints

Bold floral patterns on PhotoSquares make for easy, seasonal pops of decor on any wall.
“Fall Floral Pattern” available at PhotoSquared Pics

Fashion favors the brave this fall, and bold graphic prints are in. That means floral designs, animal prints, geometric patterns and other adventurous wallpaper. It seems that in 2018, there’s no such thing as “too much!” However, wallpapering even one room is a big project, and it’s a bit permanent to serve as a seasonal touch. For those who aren’t ready to take the plunge, PhotoSquared Pics has the “Fall Floral Pattern!” Our gentle-but-firm adhesives are easy to install, remove and rearrange – no commitment, no damage, no problem.

Pop of Warm Color

Bold, fall colors make for a modern rustic mosaic sure to impress. Check it out in our PhotoSquared Pics.
“Fall Colors Abstract” available at PhotoSquared Pics

Interior decorating gurus have been advising a “pop of color” throughout 2018 to spruce up a neutral wall, but the fall color palette is distinctive, warm, and too beautiful not to take advantage of while it’s in season. Inspired by . Inspired by crisp bonfires, chilly breezes and ripe cranberries, our “Fall Colors Abstract”  mosaic will bring that stylish pumpkin spice POP to your home.

With PhotoSquared Pics, it’s easy to create the fall 2018 décor of your dreams!

 Our shipping is fast and free, and ordering is easy! Just download our app and select your favorite collage from PhotoSquared Pics – in 3-5 business days, you’ll be ready to bring in the season with your beautiful squares. Our collages also make excellent gifts! Purchase a Gift Code, and your loved one can choose their very own fall photo collage.