How to Capture Summer: Three Décor Ideas to Make Your Memories Last

Summer never seems to last as long as we want it to. But isn’t that what we love about it? For just a few months every year, we’re encouraged to step outside, enjoy the warm weather, spend time with those we love, and even go on an adventure or two. When it’s over, we have an album of incredible memories – and hopefully, plenty of photographs!

Looking to get creative as you cherish your vacation pics and summer memories? We have three fun ideas that might help you make summer last just a little longer:

Themed Room

use your vacation as a source of a fun theme for one of your spaces Travel-inspired decorating is in this year, so use your vacation spot as a source of inspiration for an entire room redo! Start by printing your photos on beautiful 8×8” PhotoSquares, then feature them in a mixed media wall display with your favorite souvenirs. Just download our app and choose at least four photos from your camera roll, Instagram and Google Photos. In 3-5 business days, you’ll be ready to arrange your squares any way you like around your piece, whether it’s locally-made artwork or a fishing net you found (and cleaned!) on the shore. You can also utilize the color scheme of your summer pics when choosing décor, especially rugs, throw pillows and blankets.

Photo Book

create photo books and collages of your vacations Looking for a simpler, more condensed way to share your summer memories? We recommend creating your very own coffee table book to show off your beautiful photographs (and start some amazing conversations about your vacation)! Check out some of our favorite online printing options below:

  • Mixbook specializes in photo books! If you’re in need of some inspiration, their site allows you to choose from 374 different themes, including Travel and Family.
  • Artifact Uprising carries photo books with a uniquely chic sense of style! You can even choose the “Instagram friendly” book option to print photos directly from your device.
  • Snapfish provides a simple, intuitive process for personalizing your photo book. This is also a great option if you’re looking to give the book as a gift!

Seasonal Collage

proudly display your vacation and travel photos in a variety of mediums Maybe you do want to display your vacation photos, but redecorating an entire room seems like too much of an undertaking. After all, it’s always trendy to draw attention to neutral walls using a splash of color – what about your warm pink mountain sunrise from last summer, or your shimmering white sand  Caribbean beach from this year’s trip? With PhotoSquares, you can reserve a single space in your home for your annual summer photo collage! Our firm-but-gentle adhesives make it easy to rearrange and remove pictures year after year with no damage to your wall – no hammer and nails required. Check out our Pinterest to get the ideas flowing, and once your collage is finished, be sure to share it with us on Facebook. We love to see what you create with your squares!

Summer may be fleeting, but a picture lasts a lifetime. Capture your summertime memories with PhotoSquared!

Download our app today – you can display your summer squares on virtually any surface at home or in the office. Looking to share the memories with out-of-town family or a departing college student? We ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for FREE! If you’re not the photographer of the bunch, give your shutterbug a Gift Code so they can print their favorite shots.