Let the Blooming Begin!

Spring is on its way, and soon gardens and fields will be sprouting gorgeous colors! If you find flowers captivating, you may find the challenge of flower photography very rewarding. You can take exceptional floral photographs with a basic camera, add a couple of lenses, or use your smartphone.  Check out these helpful tips to achieve breathtaking photos of your favorite spring blossoms!


If you focus on the details, your eye will become keen to see the difference between good photos and great photos.  Get close and train your eye to find details that will add interest such as textures, curves, repetitive shapes, shadows, and light. Consider using a macro lens to capture the tiniest of details for powerful, stunning photos.


During the golden hours of dusk and dawn, the light is wonderfully soft and warm and can enhance your images.  Midday direct light can result in high contrast levels, severe shadows, and reveal all flaws. If you are determined to shoot in direct sun, chose a perfect subject against a darker background. Seek out diffused light under a tree, in some shade, or wait for a cloud to pass over. Most landscape photographers prefer to shoot during the golden hours.


There are many lenses available, so let’s keep it simple: a zoom lens works great for flower photography. It will give you freedom when creating your composition. Zoom out and capture the flower and surroundings. Zoom in and capture just the flower alone, all while you stand in place and determine what’s the best shot. A macro lens is fantastic for detailed shots.


Be adventurous and shoot from various angles to create a fresh perspective. Take plenty of photos and when you review your shots, delete the average ones and keep the strikingly interesting ones.  Analyze them. What about them is compelling?


A little editing can go a long way in flower photography. You can make your colors pop or make them bolder by increasing the saturation. You can add textures, focus especially on the edges of the petals, or add a creative effect. If you’re using your cell phone to take photos, check out these editing apps:

Snapseed        https://apps.apple.com/us/app/snapseed/id439438619

Befunky           https://www.befunky.com/mobile/


Flowers make fantastic decorative art just send us your favorite photos and we’ll transform them into PhotoSquares that are great for your home, office, dorm, or as a gift.