Get Your Spring Cleaning Squared Away

Why not make this year’s spring cleaning more than getting your house back to the way it used to look? Make a fresh update to your style and décor part of the spring cleaning ritual.

The old spring cleaning routine was basic. Thoroughly clean every room of the house, sort through and organize your clutter and toss out any unwanted. Your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, garage and more all need some love after a long, stuffy winter.

But what if you used this opportunity to effortlessly update the look and feel of all the rooms in your home? An app like PhotoSquared can help make the process a lot more enjoyable (and it’s a lot less work than mopping). It’s as simple as Style, Stick and Repeat.


Create a photo wall with mixed media.Don’t listen to what your kids say; you’ve got style! You just haven’t had the time, energy or opportunity to let your creativity loose.
It’s great to post those pictures online that you spent 10 minutes applying filters to get just right, but now you should put them on a “real” wall at home. Create a photo wall or simply prop a few PhotoSquares on a ledge with some trinkets and souvenirs that will bring back special memories every time you pass by. The sleek, low-profile, frameless squares will make a dramatic statement in any room of the house with stuff you already have lying around. It’s repurposing used materials…they just happen to be yours!


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the dreaded chore you’re accustomed to. When you make it about creating a fresh look, you may actually enjoy the process. While you’re at it, get the entire family involved. The kids can choose their favorite photos and stick them up by themselves (after they put away their toys). Yup, it’s so easy that a child can do it! (And if they aren’t what you’d consider “level enough,” just give them a little twist, pop them off the wall, and reset them to look just right.) The fact that they stick means it’s one less tool you need to lug around (since you’re already juggling the vacuum and mop).


Don’t stop now! Be sure to go room to room and freshen up each one. Get creative and come up with unique themes for every room in the house (even the bathroom). You can look back at your wedding and honeymoon pics with a display in the master bedroom (once you dust off the dressers). Remember your PhotoSquared can make any space look awesome.glory days and find some old concert photos for the man cave (after you declutter enough to see the floor). The possibilities are truly endless, and by giving everyone in the family a chance to personalize their spaces, your spring cleaning will be done in no time. Their rooms, as well as the décor, will be fresh and inviting (without the fam realizing you just delegated most of the work to them).

While you’re at it, clean up your phone…

You probably know by now that your pictures and videos take up the most storage space on your smartphone. Once you print your photos with the PhotoSquared app, back them up with services like Prime Photos (free with an Amazon Prime subscription), Google Photos, or countless other apps. Then you can delete those photos off your phone, and make room for new memories!

Inspired? We know we are! Bring on the spring. We’re looking forward to clean, fresh spaces that show off our style.