Tell Your Child’s Springtime Story

For any parent, there’s no greater story than the growth of your child. Whether they’re leaving elementary school or graduating with a college degree, spring is a special time to witness the next stage in your little person’s life! Every kid’s story is unique – so how can a parent creatively capture all the landmarks at the end of a school year?

As the semester comes to an end, here are a few suggestions to help you tell your child’s springtime story in style:

The Big Event

No matter what extracurriculars or school groups your child is involved in, the end of the spring semester usually involves a culminating event worth documenting! If you have a star athlete, be sure to shoot some team photos and action shots for future memories at the last game of the season. If you’ve raised a theater kid, be ready for a costumed photo opportunity at the year’s last dress rehearsal! If you’re lucky, you might even be allowed to try out some stage photography techniques during a run-through of the show.

The Last Dance

From middle school forward, most semesters end in a big dance, but parents of high schoolers have one word on the brain: PROM! For high school seniors, prom is a special night to forget about final exams, look their best and let loose as they come ever closer to graduation. One thing is certain – there will be plenty of pictures taken of your child and their date. But how can you get creative and make sure those memories last? If your senior is college-bound, use the PhotoSquared app to print out pics of their friend group on prom night! They’ll have conveniently-sized 8” x 8” foam core canvases to stick on a dorm wall with strong-but-firm adhesives – no nails, no damage. You can even ship them directly to their dorm and give them a heartwarming surprise just as they start feeling homesick!


Finally, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! From kindergarten to college, every school-aged kid has a graduation ceremony these days. No matter your child’s age, try using these tips to make the most of this special time:

PhotoSquares make a perfect graduation display

  • Be Prepared. Be sure to charge your phone or DSLR well before the big event and bring extra batteries or a power bank along!
  • Arrive Early. The sooner you get to the ceremony, the closer you’ll be to shooting the action! Try to work out the perfect angle with your student, who may be rehearsing the event at school.
  • Get Candid. Sometimes the best graduation shots aren’t posed! Be ready to take pictures of your child hugging friends, chatting with teachers, and – of course – walking the stage.

The Party

Create a display to show your child becoming an adult (and embarrass them a little on the way!) After all is said and done, many parents reward their kids for graduation with a big bash to celebrate their achievements! This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with the memories you’ve captured in photography throughout the years. Using pictures printed on PhotoSquares, try creating a visual timeline of your child’s life from infancy to graduation! If you have a kindergartener, the timeline may be a little short, but family and friends will marvel at your child’s growth just as you have (and you may have the additional bonus of embarrassing your graduate just a little). The squares are easy to store, and as the milestones pile up, you can pull them out again, stick them to any surface, and add new chapters to your child’s story!

Spring is a time of growth and change. Show off the person your child is becoming with the help of PhotoSquared!

PhotoSquares are easy to order and quick to deliver during your busy spring. Just download the app, select at least four pictures from your camera roll, Instagram or Google Photos. In 3-5 business days, you’ll have beautiful images of your child to share! If other parents you know could use some of these tips, send them a Gift Code and spread the love!


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